Augusta Supplier Diversity Conference​
Presented By Patterson-Brown & Associates

Patterson-Brown and Associates will be hosting the Augusta Diversity Conference on October 9th 2019. The Conference will start at 10:00am on October 9th and finish at 3:00pm on October 10th. The conference will feature speakers from various industries that are looking to meet and network with vendors like you. ​

10:00am The Social Hour

There will be a meet and greet networking session each day starting at 10:00am with our host speaker starting at 11:00am. Our speaker will cover topics such as how to do business with them and ways that diversity can improve business practices. 

12:00pm Lunch and Mingle

Afterwards there will be more Networking opportunities during the catered lunch at 12:00pm. You will be able to meet and have lunch with the speakers for the day and Network with like minded entrepreneurs such as yourself. 

01:00pm Hosted Panel

After lunch we will have an afternoon speaker along with a panel of experts in the business community that will be open to questions that you may have about doing business in Augusta. ​​Guest will have an opportunity to take turns asking questions of the host and panel members.​​

02:00pm Vendor Fair

Vendors will have the opportunity to set up tables and discuss their companies and what they offer to the public. You will get to meet a diverse group of local of venders and companies. You may just find a supplier that will enable you to run your business more efficiently.