Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

About the Program:

Patterson-Brown & Associates will be offering a four-week training program in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB). The course is for individuals that strive to succeed in their own business endeavors. Our program will teach you the capabilities of an entrepreneur while preparing you for the ESB Exam. Upon completion of the program, you will be rewarded an Entrepreneurship Certificate with the passing of the ESB Exam along with the exceptional amount of knowledge that you will recieve. Join us as we help you to begin your journey as an entrepreneur!​​


Entrepreneurial Leadership
Business Opportunity Recognition
Business Operations
Marketing and Sales
Financial Management
Developing a Business

When:  To Be Announced

Payment plans available

Anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship!  
Which includes:

Veterans, High School Graduates, Small Business Owners, Employees of Small Businesses, and Employees of Large Corporations
Where:  To Be Announced
"Diversity Bridges Relationships!"